<from Kristin Switala>

Dear Mani,
        You asked about references to Foucault's THIS IS NOT A PIPE.  Are
you focusing on art or on language?  If you are focusing on language,
then here is some information for you:

        nFoucault discusses "calligrams" in THIS IS NOT A PIPE.  To fully
understand what a calligram is, you have to understand what a "trope" is
and what a "metagram" is.  They are the precursors to the calligram.  
Foucault discusses this in his book, DEATH AND THE LABYRINTH:  THE WORLD
OF RAYMOND ROUSSEL.  Here is a good secondary source on this:  A. Villani,
"De la metagrammatologie: Roussel et la
philosophie contemporaine," in RAYMOND ROUSSEL EN GLOIRE. Ed. A.-M.
Amiot.  Lausanne: L'Age d'Homme, 1984, pp. 221-243.

I hope this helps.  Email me if you have any questions.

Kristin Switala

Email:  kswitala@cecasun.utc.edu

On Sat, 25 Mar 1995, Mani Salem-Haghighi wrote:

Does anybody know about good articles or elaborate references in books to
Foucault's _This is Not a pipe_? Did anyone ever interview Foucault on
this topic?