Wrights request - multiple paths

Apologies for half-posting this yesterday.
As an undergraduate in the early eighties Foucault was presented as another
momentary theorist. I tried reading Birth of the Clinic but found it fairly
impenetrable at that stage. A couple of years ago I came across some
poststructural feminist literature that was vibrant and exciting (Lather
and Weedon for example). Much of this material pays homage to Foucault, and
writers like Susan Bordo contest and extend.
It seems that feminism has found Foucault useful and there are interesting
writings like Sawicki and Ramazanoglu that address Foucault and today. It
might not meet the needs of purists but this feminist literature has
provoked my interest in Foucault and subscription to this list. I don't
mean to imply that the references are the only ones around - just that
there are multiple paths to understanding.

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Geoff Crack

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