RE: Macey Bio

Thanks to Steve and Clare for your comments on the Macey volume.
Yes, it is an excellent introduction (although Macey still assumes a
not-totally-introductory knowledge on his reader's part)... I guess
I was expecting longer, and fuller, analytic sections on Macey's
part. Along the organizational lines, (in which Miller takes
long digressions into the background of certain issues) but not
necessarily drawing similar conclusions or dealing with the same
subject matter as the Miller volume.

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steven.meinking@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> secondary source for an introduction to Foucault. Now I have been
> requested to justify this recommendation.

I hope, Steve, you didn't misunderstand my intention. I had noticed
your comments, but you hadn't expanded on them, when an earlier
poster asked for some titles. I simply wanted to know more about
your thoughts on the book....and the thoughts of anyone else who had
read the book. (When I said "others of you" I meant, other than me,
and should have said "others of you, including Steve")

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