Technology and Subjectivity Conference (fwd)

I picked this up on the Heidegger List. Just thought some people might
be interested in it. Sorry my posts have been absent lately, but I am
currently very busy at the university. I am somewhat surprised that
discussion on the list fell into such a sudden silence. Perhaps everyone
is as busy as I am. Whatever the case, keep posting! I plan to respond
to a couple inquiries that appeared a week ago on the list sometime this
weekend. (One inquiry had to do with Miller, the other with power, I
think. I will have to re-examine them.)

Also, I was about ready to establish the Foucault Archive when our remote
machine where Spoon plans to store the information broke down. I will
notify everyone when the archive is available.

Take care.

Yours in discourse,

Steven Meinking
The University Of Utah

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Date: Wed, 12 Oct 94 12:21 GMT
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Subject: Technology and Subjectivity Conference

The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University
is holding a one-day international conference on "Technology and Subjectivity"
at the Tottenham Campus, White Hart Lane, on Saturday 29th October. Speakers
include Hauke Brunkhorst, Bernard Stiegler, Andrew Bowie, Joanna Hodge,
Peter Dews, Nick Smith, Andrew Benjamin and Kate Soper. Further information
is available from the Secretary, School of Philosophy and Religious Studies,
Middlesex University, White Hart Lane, London N17 8HR. Tel: 081 362 5370.

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