Re: Foucault List Update (Everyone Please Read)

>Out of curiosity, does anyone know how this immense international system
>called the internet is funded? I had heard once that there was actually
>military funding involved, though that could be entirely wrong. (this is
>not meant to bring up some 'ethical' debate over the parties that finance
>this system, it's just curiosity.)

Well, since the early 1970's, when the Internet became the purvey not only
of the military and the government but of Academe as well, it has been
massively subsidized by a government grant from the National Science
Foundation,in the United States anyway. However, that's changing this year:
expect to see Universities jacking up user fees toward the end of this year
or the beginning of next year as the NSF's grant runs out and is not
I don't know how the Internet is funded in other countries, but I believe
it's funded by governments almost everywhere in the world..


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