Re: Foucault, Sade and the De-Centered Self


>Did Foucault feel we had a self and if he did not think we had a self
>then why do we have names and why do we strive for power and prestige
>knowing that we don't really have a self.

My reading of Foucault suggests that he did consider that we have a self,
not only from titles, such as *the Care of the Self* but from his work on
the author function where he outlines a subjectivity based on textualist
foundations. His work on subjectification in such works as *Discipline and
Punish* and *madness and Civilisation* clearly point to an idea of the
subject of discourse - both as speaking subject and subject as object.

Foucault's works can seem difficult on a first reading - but are well worth
persevering with.

All the best for your thesis!
And welcome to the list

Jerry Everard
ANU Canberra, Australia

>p.s. I just joined this listserver and I look forward get to know more
>about Foucault. I have read all his books and I dare say it is some of
>the hardest reading I have ever encounterd.

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