Re: Foucault and fascism (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 17:55:31 -600 (CST)
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Subject: Re: Foucault and fascism (fwd)

Ah, but power IS truth. Those in power define what is true. They define
all concepts. One is left with a discourse molded by the ideals and
dreams and fears of the center. To remove the power would be to remove
the truth. But there will always be a power, a truth to fill the
vacuum. So, if you remove power from the truth you can still have a
Fascism that claims both, because there will always be an alternate truth
with an alternate power base fighting for control of the center.

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, On Wed, 7
Dec 1994, Jim Hollis wrote:

> If you remove the power from the truth then how could Fascism, which
> claims both, be a viable possibility?

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