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Date: Wed, 07 Dec 94 15:22:00 PST
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In fact of course I have not at all missed the point that post 68 Marxism in
the French context was dead. Althusser's dogmatism and formalism was itself
an index of its political weakness. But in the world context its important
to note that in the anglo-American setting Marxism began to flower at
precisely this time (i.e. the new left review etc.). In terms of
'misunderstanding' everything Foucault has to say, I need only reply that if
a 'productive' in the sense of transformative reading is a misunderstanding
then I am surely quite guilty. In terms of referrering to the struggle
against capitalism as the only progressive struggle in the last analysis, I
would stick by this. In terms of Marxists and Jehova's witnesses there are
surely some very strong paralells, the two groups have one great
strength. Until the end of capitalism, which is in reality the establishment
of the kingdom of heaven on earth, they are by definition not 'obsolete'.
Socialism exists as long as capitalism does.

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