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I'm forwarding my inquiry to your new list per Steve Meinking. thanks

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ok, but have you contextualized this legislation or notion in "biopower"?
and what do you think of that? do you have any relevant cites? it seems
to me that in the case of children, we are investing them with a label or
body social/politic which serves to stigmatize or categorize them as
deviant before they have done so. the social science/medicalization
aspect of this also creates a hegemony which causes many parents to
become helpers to the psy-complex professionals who represent govt (state
and civil) thereby broadening the pan-optic into the family and
household. furthermore, for families and parent who are marginalized or
disenfranchized (the types most likely to fall into the categories listed
for likely recidivism) will undergo state intervention in there lives
which will be more readily on hand to gaze any deviance in the family.
for example, blacks aren't doing more cocaine than whites, but govt
"helpers" in social welfare systems are in the home and able to see more
than in the homes of middle or upper class whites. or consider the case
of fetal alcohol syndrome and Navajo. I realize I've spun off a few
things here, but I think biopower is a very helpful framework for this.
I just need some discussion, cites, references, etc., to help fine tune
my thinking and research and writing on this topic. thanks, Kathleen

On Mon, 6 Mar 1995, David Hannigan wrote:

> I am currently researching a paper on "Predicting Dangerousness" and the
> "Dangerous Offender" legislation in Canada. Keep in contact.
> Regards
> David
> On Mon, 6 Mar 1995 KGW@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I'm interested in discussing how biopower is exercised in the juvenile
> > court setting, especially when certain models are developed for risk
> > assessment regarding predicting whether a child will be a recidivist. if
> > you have any particular writings or comments please write and lets
> > discuss it. I'll organize a list to share the info with others who
> > respond and contribute. will discuss it at more length after I determine
> > whether this foucault@world cyber community really exists. thanks,
> > Kathleen Williamson
> >


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