Re: Miller and New Foucault Text

I too am interested in the "disciplining" of Foucault; the industry
of Foucauldianism; the artistic endeavors to make something artistic
of his shaved head on book covers and conference posters; the
canonization of his works; etc. In an interview entitled "The
Masked Philosopher," Foucault replies--when asked why he chooses
to remain anonymous--"Out of nostalgia for the time when, being
completely unknown, what I said had some chance of being heard.
The surface contact with some possible reader was without a
wrinkle. The effects of the book rebounded in unforeseen places
and outlined forms I hadn't thought about. The name is a

No doubt, had Foucault lived, he would have had the same problem
with a new generation of Foucauldians that Marx had with Marxists
and Freud had with Freudians; i.e., if ideas are acceptd so
readily, then they are not being understood.

Stephen Katz,
Trent University.


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