Re: Foucault and Normativity

Kristin wrote:
"I think that Gabriel Ash has hit upon a very interesting idea in her
statements about political action and pragmatism. She talks about
Foucault's attempt to de-center and how this is different from
pragmatism, which takes its impetus/strength from being at the center of
a discourse, or being that around which a discourse functions.
Does this mean that de-centered political actions are necessarily
marginal, in the Foucauldian-Derridean sense of the term? Is this why
revolution (in the grand sense) is impossible? Is this also Lyotard's
idea of "glissement" and Joanna Crosby's idea of "opening up spaces" in
which to operate"

I was wondering Kristen (or anybody else) if there are some readings you
would reccommend that deal with this difference between Foucault and

Andrew Herman


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