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As a Philosophy Major who recently began reading Foucault I found
Millers Book a very good read. True it was not a Philosopher or an
scholar who wrote the book but a Journalist but he gave a good prespective
of Foucault that the common reader would understand and quite possibly
might want to read some of Foucault actual works.
Hell two of my friends who are not Philosophy majors read
Miller's book and liked the book that they went on and read some of
Foucault books like "Madness and Civilization" and "History of Sexuality".
So, please for the average person its a good read but you guys
who are scholars you need to get your nose out of the air and concede
that for the average person who would like to know more about Foucault
that is one of the best books ever written by Miller

Mario Puga



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