Capitalism and the Postmodern --Call for Papers

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_Socialist Review_ is currently seeking articles for a special
issue on contemporary developments in the analysis of capitalism
and practices of anti-capitalist resistance in the midst of our
postmodern age. We are looking for analyses which help us
understand the mechanisms --and subjectivities-- behind current
events: from Chiapas to the Chase Manhattan Bank, and from the
implosion of the subject to the collapse of the dollar in the
international markets. From postfordism to postcoloniality, SR
is committed to furthering the debate around the relationships
between postmodernism and capitalism.

Possible topics for papers include:

* Would capitalism be better understood as a dispersed set of
practices rather than a systemic totality? How might this
transform our understanding of what constitutes significant
social change?

* How is the production of subjectivities implicated in
capitalist technologies and organizations?

* Is marxism and postmodern analysis irreducibly antagonistic?

* What are new models of resistance and mobilization in activist
political struggles? What are the connections between capitalist
processes and these emerging activist tactics and strategies?

* How can postmodern theoretical approaches be useful for
rethinking capitalism? How would an analysis of capitalism be
useful for strengthening postmodern analysis?

* How can aspects of social organization such as race, gender,
and sexual orientation, among others, be incorporated within an
overall frame of historical materialist analysis and class

Deadline for submission to Socialist Review for this special
issue is August 1, 1995. Articles should be around 25 pages long.
Please submit to: Socialist Review, 1095 Market St., Suite 618,
San Francisco, CA 94103, Attn: Capitalism and the Postmodern. For
more information call (415) 255-2296 or e-mail at
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