Re: Foucault and Truth

Erik Lindberg is precisely right when he points out that Richard Rorty is
someone who attempts to "do" both analytic and continental thought -- in
a manner which is legitimate to both philosophical fields. His
PHILOSOPHY AND THE MIRROR OF NATURE, although quite difficult, is an
excellent discussion of this issue, particularly when he talks about
epistemology and hermeneutics in the last few chapters.

If I were in an analytic department, or specializing in analytic
philosophy, and yet interested in understanding what continentals have to
say, I would probably start by reading Rorty. He uses language that is
familiar to analytic philosophers, and yet he introduces continental
thought in an authentic manner. (Of course it also helps to be familiar
with Pragmatism before reading Rorty, but not necessary.)

Kristin Switala


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