AHA Panel on Foucault

I have tentatively organized a panel on "Sexuality, History and
Foucault" which will be part of the American Historical Association
Conference in Atlanta, January 6, 1996, from l:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.
The sponsoring committee will be the Committee of Gay and Lesbian
Historians. The papers will include the following:

Benjamin Sax, History Department, University of Kansas, "The Discourse
of Power and the Language of the World: A Critique of Foucault's *History
of Sexuality*

John Toews, History Department, University of Washington, "Towards a
Foucauldian History of Psychoanalysis"

Robert Nye, History Department, Oregon State University, "Foucault's
Sexuality and His *History of Sexuality*

LaDelle McWhorter, Department of Philosophy, University of Richmond,
"The Idea of Genealogy"

Daniel Gross, Ph.D. Cand., University of California (Berkeley), "Foucault's
*History of Sexuality and Scholastic Analogy"

Commentator: Cynthia Willett, Philosophy Department, University of Kansas,
[her new book entitled *Maternal Ethics & Other Slave Narratives* will
be published at the end of 1995 by Routledge]

Bill Drummond


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