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> Obviously, I am sympathetic with Halperin's reading of Foucault and
> Foucault's life. (In fact I wish I'd written the book -- yep, one of
> those.) But I'd be happy also to discuss with those who are not as
> sympathetic to the queering of Foucault's work. One way or another, I
> remain convinced it's the key to understanding Foucault :)
> Any interest?

I haven't read Halperin's book but I am interested in the 'queering'
Foucault's project, especially via writers such as Judith Butler. I'm
working on some research looking at the political implications of the
mobilisations of the 'gay' community in Britain to meet the challenges of
HIV and AIDS. I see these mobilisations as actively being concerned with
the development of affirmative corporeal politics and local/strategic
resistances within the complexities of AIDS/GAY/SEX(Uality) discourses.
Although I'm sympathetic to Foucault's work in general I do think that
his characterisation of the body as pure inscrpitive surface produces
politcal problems. I'd certainly be interested in looking at Halperin's
work or any other issues that people might be into around the issues of
corporeality in Foucault's work.

Saul Walker : Social and Political Science : Cambridge


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