Re: _Remarks On Marx_

Dear Steve,

This interview by the Italian D. Tromabadori, from late 1978, was
originally published (in Italian) in _Il Contributo_, 4th year, no.1,
Jan.-March 1980. .

The English translation, dubbed by translators R. James Goldstein and James
Casaito as _Remarks on Marx_, was published in 1991 by Semiotext(e) (New
Incidentally, the English version is a translation from the Italian - not
from the original French interview.

The latter has just recently been published in the massive four volume
edition of MF' shorter works, called _Dits et Ecrits_ (Gallimard, 1994,
edited by Daniel Defert and Francois Ewald). You can find this "Entretien
avec Michel Foucault", item 281 in the collection, on pp. 41 - 95 of volume
4, which deals with the years 1980 - 1988. Try your library!

Hope this helped.

--Michael Behrent


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