Re: Foucault a postmodernist?


Thanks for your very clear and informative explanation - it's the most
intelligible summary of the subject I've heard!

Would you say then that critics of postmodernism base their criticism on
its attack on positivism? Or do they agree that there are limitations to
seeing the world in terms of an ideally detatched, rationalist viewpoint,
but criticize the act of bothering to talk about it, as pointless, like
relativism? I would think it's more of the latter.

Why didn't Foucault like to consider himself a postmodernist?

By the way, thanks to all who answered (and those who may yet answer) me
privately! Since I'm supposed to be busy at work, I'm afraid I don't
have enough time to respond in kind, but I do want to say you make a
newcomer feel right at home!



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