Re: Foucault a postmodernist?

In reference to Baudelaire as a pioneer postmodernist in poetry - there
_is_ a whole other tradition of pomo which you find evidenced in Lyotard,
etc. that it is a condition and not necessarily a state or an origin - in
which case you can find traces in Lautreamont, Lucan, Sterne, and
Chatterton, just to take a view examples. David Harvey and I think Mike
Davis would fit well here, postmodern geography (include Soja) being the
study of such things as home-owners enclaves (Foucault welcome), tele-
communications distributions, simulacra, post-fordist work, and the like.
It should also be pointed out that, like "feminism," there are postmod-
ernisms, not a unified theory, just as there are post-structuralisms
ranging from Derrida through Lacan and even Rosset and Serres.



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