Re: deconstruction v. genealogy

Habermas describes 'effective history' (which i equate with the concept
of 'genealogy' in Foucault - pls correct me if you see a difference here)
as a process wherein "The horizon [is] open to ... [a] future, which is
determined by expectations in the present, [and which] guides our access to
the past". This would seem to me to be a process which would possibly
include 'deconstruction', but is not to be equated with it.

As I have already mentioned, if genealogy is not to be made analogous
with 'effective history', then this contribution of mine is irrelevant!
I make this equation by virtue of Foucault's essay "Nietzsche,
Geneaology, History" (1971), but am not sufficiently up with later essays to
know if the story stayed the same.



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