The Foucault Archives are now available to the public. The archives contain
all of the past messages posted to the Foucault List by list members.
These messages are organized by month and year (ex. f_Aug.95). Within
a particular month's file are all of the messages from that month. Without
reading through each message, the messages of a particular month can be
viewed according to date, sender and subject by perusing through a month's
index file (ex. f_Aug.95.ind).

To access the archives one can use one of the following methods (a) ftp,
b) gopher, c) WWW, or d) ftpmail):

a. ftp

type ftp

When asked, type "anonymous" for login id and your full email address
for password (this latter is, I think, merely for the site's admin
purposes and may be optional...).

type cd pub/pubs/listservs/spoons/foucault.archive

Then type "ls" which will give you the list of the directories and
files that are on the archive. To change to a directory, type
cd directoryname (eg. cd foucault_1995).

In their directories, the archive files are mostly labelled in the
format f_Mon.Yr, eg. "f_Aug.95" (each of these contains one month's worth
of posts).

To find out which one you want, you may want to look at the index files
first, which are labelled f_Mon.Yr.ind (eg. f_Aug.95.ind).

To receive any of these files, type "get filename"

then type "quit"

And this should do it.

You may be interested to know that these files can serve as mail folders--
and this may indeed be the easiest way to read them. Simply move them
into the directories mail or Mail (depending upon which program you use:
mail for pine and Mail for elm, for example) by typing the command

"mv filename mail" or "mv filename Mail"

then go into whichever mail program you use, and go to the folder
which will have the same name as the filename.

b. gopher

type gopher

then choose the following directories consecutively:
Publications of the Institute/Discussion Lists/spoons/foucault.archive

You will then see the same directories and files as detailed above.

Here the files will not be seen as mail files, but as subdirectories,
within which each message can be accessed individually--this is
probably the easiest way to browse through the archive. Read the archive
on gopher or retrieve the individual messages through your gopher

c. World Wide Web

In your WWW browser, choose the URL

Then locate the archives (near the bottom of the page) and click on them.

As with gopher, here the files are easily browsable, and available as
individual messages.

d. ftpmail

Send to majordomo the command

index listname

(e.g. "index foucault") will cause majordomo to respond with a complete
listing of all the directories/files in the given list's archive.
To retrieve a given file, you send to majordomo the command

get listname filename

where "filename" has to be the path from the top of the archive structure
for the given list (e.g. "get foucault foucault_1995/foucault_May.95.ind").
In response, you get an e-mail message containing the given file.

Currently, only posts sent to the Foucault List as of Feb.95 are
organized and available. I do have the posts previous to Feb.95 saved,
but these posts need some organizing before they will be archive
available. (The organizing of which I am speaking is different from that
required for all posts after Feb.95 because the posts pre-Feb.95 were
saved differently.)

If you have any questions or comments regarding the archives, feel free to
contact me at the address below.

Yours in discourse,

Steven Meinking


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