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This is for a friend of mine. Does anyone know if Foucault first used
the distinction between macro and micro politics. And if so, where?

Thanks in advance

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> What is the origin and/or the history of the terms "micropolitics" and
> "macropolitics"? Teresa de Lauretis uses them in _Technologies of
> Gender_ (I haven't read her latest book yet--does she continue the same
> thread?) and other folks have used them as well. For instance, Jon tells
> me they're really important to Deleuze and Guattari's _A Thousand
> Plateaus_. We think Foucault originated the distinction between micro-
> and macro- politics, but don't know in what text. Any ideas? Or, was it
> someone else? Any thoughts on the history of these terms would be great!
> Kathy
> Kathy Green
> University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
> kgreen@xxxxxxxxxxx


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