Kant Cassirer

Dear colleagues,

1) Ad Kant

some weeks ago someone of the Foucault members - I do not know
who - asked me about
Heidegger's Kant-book.

Sorry for my long delay, but here is a short answer:

Heidegger's book on Kant was very common in France. As Bernhard
Waldenfels wrote, the book of J. Vuillemin ("L'heritage kantien et la
revolution copernicienne") was very important for Foucault. This book
is a discussion of Kant, Fichte, Husserl, Cohen, and Heidegger. You
will also find there the thesis of the death of man as a consequence
of the death of God. Heidegger's book
on Kant ("Kant und das Problem der Metaphysik") was translated in
France 1953, and is an important (implicite) part in "The Order of
Things"). See the term "analytic of finitude", an Heideggerian
term. (See Bernhard Waldenfels, "Phaenomenologie in Frankreich",
Frankfurt/Main: Suhrkamp 1987, p. 558)

2) Ad Cassirer

Someone wanted to know something about Cassirer and Foucault:

In 1966 Foucault wrote a book review on Cassirer's "Philosophie der
Aufklaerung". (See "Dits et Ecrits"). Cassirer's method was a model
for Foucault's archeology.

I hope that those who asked me will get this answer. Sorry but I am
very busy. If there is still one waiting for an answer concerning the
discussions about "Foucault and Phenomenology", please also contact
me. Thanks.

Many greetings,

Silvia Stoller


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