Re: Poststructuralism and Ethics

On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, Bryan Palmer wrote:

> > I too am a recovering post-structurlait who is coming
> > to grips with the truth that we are deeply paradoxical and problematic
> > humanists, who believe that human beings are deserving of dignity and
> > freedom, yet who are unwilling, for theoretical reasons, to define the
> > humanness which demands such dignity and which secures such freedom.

I thought poststructuralists were always aware that they were paradoxical
and problematic. To switch this paradox toward the disavowed humanism
doesn't seem like that big a change. Or is it?

By the way, Charles Taylor has some interesting remarks about this issue
in SOURCES OF THE SELF, in which he outlines the various moral or ethical
sources that underly Western values. To deconstruct certain of these
sources is not to escape them. Only a humanist would bother
deconstructing humanism. Perhaps, however, we need to add a couple
dashes of Derrida to our Foucauldian stew.

Thanks everyone for the invigorating discussion


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