Re: Re[2]: ethics and poststructuralism

Joe Cronin wrote:
> Why must we continue to link questions cocnenring
> humanism/anti-humanism in Foucault's work with that
> obscurantist Derrida? Is anyone out there interested in
> Foucault's link to Marx? Deconstructionism is a stillborn,
> anti-science - it has nothing to say about subjectivity,
> ethics, praxis, or critique. Isn't ther a Marxian Foucault
> out there?
> .

Hmmm...Well, I don't know how to answer this. Who's marx are you talking
about? I have serious problems with your critique of Derrida...but I
suspect you intended to cause a little stir. It was, after all, derrida
who noted that we are all still haunted by the spirit of Marx; Marx-ism,
in many ways, enframes our thought...makes what we think thinkable. But
if you're asking if I'm a MARXIST...well, I guess, no. Please elaborate.
I recognize the importance of Marx's thought--as does Derrida--and I
recognize the importance of Foucault's thought. I wouldn't call myself
a foucauldian, either, though...

Diane Davis


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