Poststructuralism & Ethics

To All,

We've heard much about "doing" that is not "doing in a conservative
sense", "effects" that are not "effects in a traditional sense" and
"actions" that are "actions in adifferent sense". Obviously ethics
has got to do with acting, and therefore the question of action and
effect can not be neglected by post-structuralist ethics.

On the other hand, following MF, the main effects in society are not
provoked by acting individuals but by "enonces", that influence each
other in the field of discourse and for these effects noone can be held
responsible.Not only what is uttered and what not, even what happens
and what not seems to be dependent on anonymous "enonces" and the
order of discourse.

So my questions are: "Is there any notion of 'responsibility' in ps and
on what basis?" and "What are the characteristics of the alternative
concepts of 'acting' and 'effect' (other than being different)?"
(most of the glorious effects of ps that were mentioned yet are
intra-academic and accompanied by no relevant social change at all).

Dirk Bahlo. Bochum. Germany.


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