Re: Poststructualism, ethics and values

>> Ironically, I was talking to a number of my work collegues about this debate
>> at lunch today. They all said that while postmodernism was fun at
>> university, working in the public sector forces you back to modernism. When
>> the Minister asks, "what shall I do in this situation"; there isn't an
>> obvious response that begins, "Well a poststructuralist analysis of this
>> situation would lead you to . . ." Well not a politcally acceptable (vote
>> winning) response within the confines of a modern Western liberal democracy.
>Well, of course. This is like discovering that Marxism doesn't provide one
>with strategies for eliminating class conflict under capitalism. Not much
>of a discovery, and not much of a criticism.

It wasn't meant to be clever. If anything it is sad. Reminds me of
something my mother used to say, if its going to be critical, make it

Bryan Palmer
Canberra - Australia's National Capital


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