Re: The dialectic must be broken

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, ANTOINE GOULEM wrote:

> I think that our friend flannon just needs a hug.
> Antoine Goulem

Sorry, but this won't do at all. What I need is enough to eat and a
place to crash when my poor little eye's get weary, but what I desire is
another question entirely. I desire a discourse that will not return
to itself, or, if it does, the self that it finds will be misshapen,
transformed and unrecognizable as what it once might have been. I desire
an open, and openning, space where philosophy speaks with the voice of
the hammer, for here the dialectic would be but a faint echo of its former
glory, and in its stead one might find a glittering array of partial
machines busilly breaking down in a fit of desiring prodution. If it
must be a question of needs then I'll go along with Artaud when he says
" be cultivated is to eat ones own destiny...". So instead of a
hug, why not serve me up a platter of destiny, so I might find that place
where I can step into the words and, for however brief or long a moment,
find the disolution of myself.



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