Re: Basic info on Foucault for reading Bob Goss

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> Date: Mon, 29 Jan 96 18:57:16 -0800
> From: Leslie Addison <laddison@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: Basic info on Foucault for reading Bob Goss
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> I am wondering if any of the folks on this list might be able
> to help me out with baisc info on Foucault, or
> deconstructionism. I am a grad student in theology, writing a
> thesis on queer Christology. One of the texts I am using is
> _Jeus Acted Up_ by Bob Goss. I think that one of Goss' s main
> interests in using deconstructionism is based on Foucault's
> sexuality, and plan to critque him on that, as well as use of
> what I believe to be a false binary system. However, I need to
> have a succeint way of explaining Foucault in like two
> sentences. Any suggestions, pointers, etc.?
> Leslie
> laddison@xxxxxxxxxx


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