Re: Basic info on Foucault for reading Bob Goss

>FLORENCE, Maurice, (alias Michel Foucault!), "Michel Foucault", in
>HUISMAN, Denis, Dictionnaire des philosophes, Paris, PUF, 1993.
>I don't know if this text is translated in english, but it is very
>important: it is the lonely place where you can find a succint and
>articulated description of the foucauldian's philosophy by Foucault
>himself. Humility only has forced Foucault to sign "Maurice Florence"...

A translation of this piece (into english) can be found in 'The Cambridge
Companion to Foucault'.

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p.s beware of erasing the differences between Foucault's texts

"It is true that we cannot imagine a great philosopher of whom it could not
be said that he has changed what it means to think; he has 'thought
differently' (as Foucault put it). When we find several philosophies in
the same author, is it not because they have changed plane and once more
found a new image?"

Deleuze and Guattari - What is Philosophy? p.51


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