Re: Reading The Order..

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, Christopher Coleman wrote:

> It seems that there are enough people interested. Now it's up to
> someone to come up with a schedule. I suggest that we have a
> certain # of pages read each monday, with discussion continuing
> through the week.
> Also, my experience is that it's best to err on the side of reading too
> slowly than reading the entire book in just a few weeks. Particpants
> tend to abandon ship when they find themselves behind the schedule.
> Anyone wanna try making a plan?
> Christopher Coleman
i would really love to get a reading group under way. here is my plenary
suggestion. any thoughts?

Monday March 18: Chapter 1- Las Meninas (that's about 13 pages by my count)
Wed. March 20 : Chapter 2- The Prose of the world- the first subsection
entitled The Four Similitudes (9 pages)
Fri. March 22: Chapter 2- the second subsection entitled Signatures (5
Mon. March 25: Chapter 2- the the third and fourth subsections entitle
the limits of the world and the writing of things
Wed. March 27: Chapter 2- the final subsection entitled the being of language

That seems like a good place to stop and get some feedback. What do you
think. Too fast, too slow, bad divisions?


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