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Dear Christopher,
I don't mean to contradict my new cyber-friend flat out, but I
went to Berkeley, where I majored in French and took quite a number of
philosophy courses. I took H. Dreyfus' course and have spent many hours
in conversation with P. Rabinow. I also have done some coursework with
members of the French Dept. By all accounts, Michel's English was not to
be envied. He gave many of his lectures at Berkeley in French, not only
because he was often invited by the French dept. but also because he was
not very comfortable in English. To be sure, he was familiar to some
extent with our native tongue, but I don't think anyone who knew him would
say that "F. spoke good English."


On Fri, 15 Mar 1996, Christopher Coleman wrote:

> Anyone have any info on this? --Coleman
> > Foucault spoke good english and had many interviews in english ( in
> > California). The cassettes are avalable in Paris. France for people to
> > llisten to. May be here at Berkeley too.
> >
> > Atefeh
> >


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