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At 6:53 am +0800 21/9/97, steve and john wrote:

> Has this list always been hegemonized by old fucking communists? Why is
> it that marxists so frequently accuse anyone who disagrees with their
> analysis of being right wing? So stonewall, feminism and black power,
> not to mention semiological guerilla warfare, the Greens and the
> autonomists weren't radical?

Why the vitriol? You included Chomsky as a subversive left liberal -- go ask
him what he thinks of that. Last time I looked, he continued to consider
himself an anarchist which, in most ways of looking at it, is a far cry from
left liberal, subversive or otherwise. Indeed, he would likely laugh, worse
choke, at the idea of "liberal commitment to freedom".

> The simplistic bombast about the mighty socialist motherland began with
> the trite remark that the internal policies of the USSR were preferable
> to contemporary Russian gangsterism. Tell that to the masses in Moscow
> honey and see how they respond.

No wish whatsoever to defend the internal policies of the USSR, but before
making such a declaration as go tell that to the masses in Moscow, best check
out what's happening there. But why Moscow? Why privilege Moscow over all other
places and peoples within Russia and other parts of the former USSR? Again,
last time I checked, there was reportedly quite a bit of nostalgia for the past
as compared to the current situation -- what do you say when birth rates are
down, death rates are up, poverty is up, personal insecurity is up, etc.

Amazing -- this is the Foucault list, yet when it comes down to these matters,
Foucault be hanged, it seems. And in this instance, all for a term, viz
"left-liberal subversives". Do have a look at the genealogy of, at least,
'liberal'; may then be a bit more difficult to throw around phrases such as
"liberal commitment to freedom".

Last time I looked, wasn't it liberals who had little difficulty in waging war
on peoples in order to bring them freedom? Hey, from this corner of the world
"liberal commitment to freedom" sounds too often like so much bs.

Khay Jin

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