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<< Also you say that Foucault claims that I's should shift their focus from a
battle on behalf of truth to one that questions the status of truth and the
economic and political role it play. However, it hardly needs pointing out
that in order to do the latter one must know what T is. Hence I don't see
how the two questions can be separated. >>

Sure you can! It is all about questioning assumptions and power. You can
replace the word "truth" in the above paragraph, with "science," for example.
We can all agree that there are multiple truths in existence, can we not?

Because, when considering scientific verus scienitistic pursuits, one
explores the idea of science as A mode of inquiry. This assumes that science
paradigm (perhaps something positivistic) is leaving something out, like
other truths or what have you. This is a Foucauld-influenced feminist's
playground, no? So, while science may be (comparatively, now) A truth, it
is not THE truth. Power, again, right?!

I hope this post came out alright. I read a heck of a lot more than I
speak/write, especially in this area.
Thanks, K

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