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That is a very good question. It is something with which I am struggling
with right now. Although I believe I have come upon the answer, I hope you
do not think ill of me if I wait until I have time to fully answer it myself.

In the meantime, I would highly suggest the biographies. I've only been
through the Miller book and have read parts of one by Macey. And while
they do not, and cannot, enclose Foucault within any sort of text, they are
a starting point.


At 07:17 PM 10/11/97 +0500, Ammar wrote:
> thanks for the reply.F. seems to believe that the Other would
>(once again?)get dissolved into the Same.but through what mechanism??
>is it that the growth of disciplines/knowledge would one day reach down
>to the microlevels of the social fabric to such a degree that the
>effects of power thus created would dissolve the issues of the
>metaphysical,the spiritual,the Other and make them part of the knowledge
>of the Same?

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