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Dear Campbell,=20

>Does anyone know where it is that Foucault talks about governmentality
>'the conduct of conduct?

In the entire corpus of Foucault, there is 7 ocurrences where he
directly relates governmentaly, power and conduct. Dits et =C9crits III,
p.636, 822; IV, p.125, 160, 170, 191, 729, 785. However, Foucault uses
the expression "conduire la conduite" (conduct the conduct) in ONLY ONE
OCCURENCE, in IV, 237.=20

In English, you can find it in the second part of the essay "The Subject
and the Power" published in Dreyfus and Rabinow. 1982. _Michel Foucault:
Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics_. Chicago: The University of
Chicago Press, pp. 208-226.


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