RE: Foucault and Freud

>Dear friend
>I have work widely the relation Freud-Foucault. You can read a paper
>to this in
>the paper is in Spanish. I also cansend you a copy (zip.file)of my
>degre thesis if you are interested in it it is devoed to that relation
>(also in Spanish).
>Hictor Escobar

Dear Hictor Escobar

It would be an enormous help if you could send me a copy of your
master degree thesis. My e-mail is rogerio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm having some problems to access the home page with your text.
Is there any other way that I could receive this text? I apreciate your
help and thank you in advance.I hope we can exchange same informations
in the the near future.

Rogério Gimenes Giugliano

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