Re: undergrad texts

> i personally rather like AK especially the way it slips the statement
> empiricism and rationalims...between skinner and chomsky? arriving at a
> that smells like wittgenstein's kitchen....or austin's pantry....but
> exactly what it is" reminds me of derrida's critique of austin...and
> i wonder if you could run a derridean critique of Ak along similar
> lines.......which sounds like a novel way to bring these two
> together....without recycling some form of their descartes and madness
> debate.....has anybody started putting that soup together?
i am admist a fine essay by shoshana felman discoursing
foucault and derrida, and their dialectics of madness.
please, could someone direct my this interest in a similar direction?
S. Arden Hill
'SElf INDuceD deMENtia'
related to a bad lsd experience
pavement magazine-A&E editor

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