Foucault and "Conspiracy Theory"

One point that I think we'll see in _The History of Sexuality_ is that as
power has become more... diffuse?... that when someone like Hillary Clinton
says there's a right wing conspiracy out to get her and her husband, she's
half right, and half wrong. Noam Chomsky is a kindred spirit to Foucault, I
believe, in this.

For example, I was looking at Time magazine, and the "octopus" of possible
things that *may* be conspiring against the Clintons. There's definitely
stuff going on, but it's not intentionally, all-together wrapped up. For
example, General Electric MAY be doing stuff with the Defense Department
(they are), but they are also... doing other stuff.

This was the same Time magazine, by the way, which was informing me that
Clinton's approval rating is at an all-time high, although... most people
don't believe he's telling the truth about whatever-her-name is, Paula
Jones, etc.!

Foucault is brilliant in this diffusion thesis, in my opinion. As to where
it is in this particular book-- I just look at how he *vaguely* points here
and there a great deal of the time, and how as the powers that were
crumbled, and new powers emerge... they intersect at times, at other times,
maybe go other ways at other times.

---Randall Albright

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