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The Australian Prisoner series shits all over the English one.
Although ... I don't know if Foucault would agree.

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On Sun, 22 Feb 1998, colin holmes wrote:

> >Questions for information:
> >Who directed the film The Prisoner? What year was it made?
> Chad,
> The Prisoner is a British TV series from the late 60s - ah! I remember it
> well. No doubt my colleague, Mark Welch, would be able to give exact dates,
> producers etc etc..
> It has become a "cult" programme perhaps because of its combination of
> strangeness, whimsey, cynicism, bizarre sets, fractured storylines, and
> temporal disruptions - and of course because of Patrick McGoohan's 'cool'
> acting style. I know it appealed enormously at the time to university
> students and intellectuals.
> 'The Avengers', another TV series introduced similar elements and had, for
> a while, a similar "cult" status, but that involved its fashion statements
> and the sexuality of the leading female actor (Diana Rigg etc) as much as
> anything else!
> The question everyone asked about The Prisoner was "what does it all mean?"
> I recall discussing it interms of 'the courage to be', 'the individual in a
> totalitarian state', and so on. It is interesting how, with the benefit of
> hindsight, we now think we have more meaningful answers. In any case, I
> agree with both Mark and Clare ..... Foucault with his postmodern hat on
> perhaps.
> Colin Holmes

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