Re: New SIG in AERA

>For those who are interested, the American Educational Research Association
>has recently granted "official" status to a new Special Interest Group
>entitled: "Foucault and Education."
>The SIG is "dedicated to the historical/philosophical studies of education
>that engage the writings of Michel Foucault." It was started, in part, to
>increase the awareness and acceptance of research that utilizes Foucault's
>work. We are excited and enthusiastic about starting the SIG and hope it
>provides a forum for further discussion and application of his writing.
>We will have an organizational meeting during the AERA Annual Meeting in
>San Diego, CA on Thursday, April 16th at 6:15 in the Columbia 3 room of the
>Mariott Hotel (North Tower, Lobby Level). No notification will be in the
>convention schedule, but we will put flyers around. Please help us pass
>the word.
>Annual dues are $2.00 and any AERA member can join. We need more members
>by the end of the conference to get on the "call for papers" list for the
>1999 conference. Anyone interested can contact me at the address and
>numbers below.
>Katharina Heyning
>The University of Arizona
>Dept. of Teaching & Teacher Education
>P.O. Box 210069
>Tucson, AZ 85721
>phone: 520-626-7331

Hi Kathy! In my forthcoming dissertation (Yeah, like its gonna be published
within this century!), I write the following in the acknowledgement-section:
"Vara kontakter i Madison har naturligtvis haft stor betydelse. Jag vill
tacka prof. Marianne Bloch, prof. Thomas Popkewitz, prof. em. Robert
Tabachnick, Linda Stanley, Kathy Heynings, Linda Scholl och Lynn Fend-ler
samt Joann Foss och Carol Newland for deras hjalp.".

It says, in English, something like thanks to all helping hands in Madisin.
Note the reference to one "Kathy Heynings".

Now the question is, should it perhaps be Kathy Heyning (without an "s")

So, how is it in Arizona? Nice weather I guess (Compared to Madison!).

Bye bye, from

Kent Lofgren

Dept. of Education
S-901 87 Umea University
Phone: Int.+(0)90 786 64 32

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