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Op woensdag, 11-maa-98 schreef colin holmes:

ch> Phil S writes:

ch> > Briefly, Heidegger long ago named the unifying feature of the 2=
ch> >century world "Gestell" which means the technological enframing of r=
eality in
ch> >which all things (now including humans in that category) are allowed=
ch> >presence (be seen) in only one way, as stock or standing reserve. So=
ch> >things are resources serving the will to will of western man.
ch> > Does this explain the rapid rise to prominence of technological=

ch> >(biological) psychiatry? You bet it does. 100%

ch> Sorry if this is inappropriate for the Foucault list but.....

ch> If your reporting of Heidegger's 'explanation' is accurate Phil, he m=
ch> it sound natural and inevitable, and in that sense 'right'. If this i=
s the
ch> case, how or why would anyone attempt to subvert it ("the will to wil=
l of
ch> western man")?

ch> In any case, I don't buy monocular, all-explanatory, all-sufficient e=
ch> expressed causes for complex human events. If you want an explanation=
ch> the rise of biological psychiatry, the first place to look is at the
ch> profits of the drug companies and the need for psychiatrists to maint=
ch> their own status! Then look at the politics of the alternatives. I th=
ch> that is more likely to yield a persuasive account than any Heideggeri=
ch> 'formula'.

The problem with Heidegger is that one of his last public statements was =
'Only a god can save us' (it's uncertain if a capital 'g' applies here, b=
ecause in German every noun begins with a capital) and that's the same th=
ing James Redfield implies in his Celestine swindle. Could someome tell m=
e the difference ;=3D)? =

What could link Heidegger to madness is that his hero was the poet Ho:lde=
rlin, who was completely crazy during the last part of his life. For some=
time he still continued to write poetry. The phrase: 'rescue comes when =
the times are at the worst' is Ho:lderlin's; it sounds hopelessly romanti=
c if not x-ian, doesn't? =

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