Re: Fdissolution

Malgosia wrote:
>Though one could say that the idea of the dissolution of the subject is
>much older and more venerable than that; it occurs in orgiastic mysteries
>and various forms of mysticism. It is true that these do not quite involve
>"the subject as we have known him" in modernity, since this notion of the
>subject is historically determined. If one wanted to follow Derrida's
>genealogy of responsibility as something that was only formed in the context
>of the "religions of the Book", one might say that what is trying to be
>dissolved in Foucault is the subject as the bearer of responsibility.
>Nonetheless, the perhaps spurious similarity to older longings for
>has a certain, perhaps spurious, seductiveness.

Godfather of postmodernists Georges Bataille went onto this 'dissolution of
Man through mysticism, orgies, violence, etc.' route after he got tired of
the 'dissolution of Man through the orgiastic Revolution' idea. _Visions of
Excess_ contains both aspects of Bataille.


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