Re: response to "power and chat rooms"

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, Sue Morris wrote:

> erm - forgive my naivety - but what exactly is the problem we women
> supposedly have in "going the distance" in mail lists such as this one?

Hmm, this is really bizarre. OK, hands up: how many people think that
Nesta was making some kind of sexist comment about women, and how many
people think that she was commenting on *the list's* inhospitability to
women? Personally, I thought it was rather clear that she meant the
latter. But maybe I'm the one who's out in left field here.

Nesta is quite right, judging from my experience, when she notes that men
tend to significantly outnumber women on academic e-lists. One reason for
that, I think, is that men tend to outshout women. Or maybe men tend to
shout at each other, and ignore women ... or women tend to ignore men
shouting at each other. Something like that. Another reason, I
would imagine, is that men are probably more likely than women to have net
access at home. And men still outnumber women rather substantially in
Canadian philosophy departments--I don't know what the situation is in
other countries and other Foucault-related disciplines, though I would
imagine it's pretty much the same in polisci, which seems to be the other
main source of people on this list. (Though sociology I guess is another
one; I have no idea what the gender ratio tends to be there.)

> the webpage address from which it originated - I too have created and
> uploaded webpages in the past but it hasn't thus far improved my psychic
> abilities...)

Ummm. :) Well, I apologize (to Mitch, as well) if they aren't easily
accessible from the Spoon Collective site, which I assumed they were.


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