Re: Foucault and Fascism

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, Clare O'Farrell wrote:

> Stuart mentions
> >'Il faut defendre la societe', Paris: Gallimard/Seuil, 1997.
> What is this text? I'm presuming it is a collection of Foucault's work? Is
> it stuff additional to what is included in the _Dits et Ecrits_ volumes? I
> note there is a short text of the same name dated 1976 in the _Dits et
> Ecrits_ volumes
> Clare

There is also an interesting discussion on Foucault's 1975-6 lecture
series in Ann Laura Stoler's Race and the Education of Desire. It deals
with a certain genealogy of race in Foucault's work as it intersects with
the History of Sexuality.

Alex Vasudevan
University of British Columbia

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