Re: epistemology & political sociology?

Jude (& others):

How would you compare the work of JGA Pocock (and/or Q. Skinner?) to
what Foucault's approach to discourses? And is Pocock at all relevant
to your own purpose of discerning "practical political languages?"


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>what does F's work offer epistemology and/or political sociology?
>three texts can frame this question for me, personally.
>habermas's _philosophical discourses_
>linda alcoff's _real knowing_
>thomas popkewitz's _political sociology of education reform_
>i suppose foucault's "what is enlightenment?" is a point of entrance
>me. discussion between butler, benhabib, and fraser (etc) certainly
>but, the question at the top is one i am trying to engage, having
>"stakes". my own work involves contemporary education reform movements
>i wonder what others might think (and how they would translate such
>into common tongue, and resonate with existing "public problems" in the
>dewey may have termed it).
>what might F offer in terms of social epistemology, political sociology
>practical political conversation?
>granted, "practical" is open for examination.

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