Re[3]: Bad Writing?

wow! such hostility!

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Subject: Re: Re: Bad Writing?
Author: c.holmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (colin holmes) at SMTPGateway
Date: 19/2/1999 11:40

>F. Macke wrote:

>First, there is no Routledge edition of Archaeology,

You arrogant person! How dare you treat me as if I were a fool!
I may not understand the Foucault quotation but I can read! I have in front
of me the Routledge (read my lips - 'Routledge') edition of 'Archaeology' -
ISBN 0-415-04537-1.

>Second, the passage cited here is not even a complete sentence!

The quotation I gave was exactly (read my lips - 'exactly') as printed in
the above edition, including the full stops.

>The sentence as a whole, and in its context, is quite lucid.

In that case, we illiterates await your explanation with baited breath!

Colin Holmes,
Western Sydney

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