Re: R: postmodernism and liberalism

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> It seems to me that anti-post-structuralism and anti-
> postmodernism is just as likely to reject ideas and theories and thus
> shut down dialogue and refuse to address the specific terms of
> engagement as any (bad) post-structuralist or postmodernist rejection
> of Marxism. It often is the case the attacks on Foucault, Lyotard and
> Derrida appear to mask an anxiety and concern on the part of
> the critic- concerns about a challenge to 'tradition'- 'the canon'-
> 'status quo'- the'establishment' etc- and such a attack often
> presents itself as another excuse not to read the works of these
> thinkers themselves.


Foucault's deep attack upon western rationality crushed the ideology of
He specifically states that reproductive sex roles are ideological. He
advocates, nay agitates and polemicizes for homosexuality. It is very
difficult to take his ideas seriously.


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