Re: heterotopia

Can't help on the link to Bataille - though it sounds intriguing. But on
heterotopias, see:-


'Of Other Spaces' in Diacritics, Vol 16 No 1 (also in Essential Works Vol
This is not a pipe
The Order of Things


Edward Soja, Postmodern Geographies
Edward Soja, Thirdspace
John Marks, "A New Image of Thought", New Formations, No 25, 1995
Kevin Hetherington, The Badlands of Modernity
Edward Casey, The Fate of Place
Georges Teyssot, "Heterotopias and the History of Spaces", in Barry Smart
(ed) Michel Foucault (2) Critical Assessments, Vol VII, 1995
Thomas Dumm, Michel Foucault and the Politics of Freedom

All of this though needs to be read in the wider context of Foucault's work
on space. All too often it is read in isolation.

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Can anyone suggest writings on Heterotopia / hetorotopology? Writings
relating Foucault's concept to Georges Bataille [especially Theory of
Religion] would be the most helpful.

Anand Bhatt.

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