Re: Enlightenment (was Re: Postmodernism & Liberalism)

Although I have used excerpts from _Madness and Civilization_ in a
number of undergraduate courses, I have not tried using D&P, but
I would agree that many students (especially first and second year
college students) would surely respond to it with reference to their
high school experience. I base this on my experiences using
Paolo Freire's _Pedagogy of the Oppressed_ in various
contexts and finding, without exception, intense responses from
students, mostly positive. (Since many faculty at our college
profess to attempt to use Freirean pedagogy, this probably is a
ripe environment for such responses.) Certainly students
recognize instantly his "banking" metaphor, and they quickly
espouse the alternatives. I must find an occasion for D&P.
Tom Dillingham

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